8th Street Barber Shop                               

   Hi I'm Gary, the man behind the magic, over here at 8th Street Barber Shop, 138  East  Eighth Street, Pottstown, PA. I have over 35 years experience cutting men and boy's hair. Some of you may know me from Custom Cut Hairstyling in Pottstown, which I opened in 1985. Over the years, I transitioned Custom Cut into a full service salon, specializing in men, women and children. 

    There's something to be said about the "Barber Shop Experience."  It's not just a place you go to get a haircut... It's a place you go to with your dad,  friends or by yourself  to unwind and kick back. In my day, your barber was your counselor. He was someone you could count on... to listen, joke around, offer advice, share stories and shoot the breeze. Most importantly... brighten your day.

   After 18 years managing Custom Cut and some deep soul searching, I decided to go back to my roots. I wanted to go "Old School", offering the experience the way it used to be, the way it should be. On October  22, 2013, I opened the doors to 8th Street Barber Shop. While continuing to specialize in men and boys haircuts with unmatched excellence, I'm bringing back the straight razor shave... warm towel, hot lather and a smooth shave. 

   If your in the area, come on by and hang out. We'll relax, share some laughs and fix you up with a fresh look.

Call 610 - 705 - 4247 for more information

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